Service Areas

Mosher Financial Advisors (MFA) offers comprehensive financial planning and investment management services.

The term “financial planning” has evolved over time and now refers to a wide array of concerns that affect people’s ability to “live a good life”. Earning, saving and investing enough money to live a good life both now and in future retirement is both a simply stated goal and a complex challenge, and our clients recognize that they need good help to improve their likelihood of success. For most individuals, succeeding financially means that they have planned and acted to effectively care for concerns over time in the following areas:

Designing effective action for each financial planning concern typically requires first hand experience, education or orientation about the concerns and situations that we are likely to encounter over time. Acting effectively for the sake of each concern typically requires working with others to get help as needed, and then requires that we monitor and adapt our action over time as concerns and situations inevitably change.

For over 30 years, Mosher Financial Advisors has specialized in helping clients understand, orient to, and act effectively to care for this wide array of financial planning concerns. We help clients produce better financial situations, and offer a strategic relationship to help care for financial planning concerns both now and in the future.